Stonegate Digital Capital Group Partners With ‘Haibu’

U.S. Law Group’s Managing Attorney Usman Shaikh serves as corporate and production counsel to Haibu, the award winning, socially impactful franchise of children’s books, films, video games and online video content, whom Usman recently represented in a partnership deal with Stonegate Digital Capital Group, a fund focusing on digital assets and blockchain technology.

The following article originally appeared on Yahoo! Finance on July 17, 2018:

ATLANTA, GA  — Stonegate Digital Capital Group and its affiliates have teamed up with Haibu, LLC, the award winning, socially impactful franchise of children’s books, films, video games and online video content. Created by CEO Blake Freeman, the story is of a little girl named Haibu who uses her unique ability to speak with and save wild animals worldwide.

Stonegate Digital Capital Group’s affiliate is the lead investor in the Haibu franchise, which has plans to deploy an ICO to tokenize certain components of the digital intellectual property rights of the franchise using smart contracts on the blockchain.

The first book in the series “Haibu Lost in New York” releases on November 6, 2018 in multiple countries. Freeman and team are currently in negotiations on a full-length CGI feature film as well as a television series based on the character.

Haibu will leverage its digital content in all of its media forms and will entertain and educate future generations on the global conservation efforts for wild animals. The team intends to govern the world class consumer products and licensing business with a mandate to unlock the value of the Haibu brand and its intellectual property on a global basis.

John McCorvey, CEO of Stonegate Digital Capital Group, said of the project, “We’re very excited about the future of the Haibu franchise.  The project has many elements of social impact investing related to animal conservation efforts and provides a great message to children.  The overlay of blockchain based digital IP rights in the media and entertainment arena will also provide an innovative, next generation approach to children’s entertainment.”

Please check out www.Haibu.Love for more information.

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