U.S. Law Group Client Produces and Stars in ‘Simpsons’ Director’s Stoner Comedy ‘Super Slackers’

U.S. Law Group managing attorney Usman Shaikh represented the financing of and co-EP’ed the stoner animated comedy Super Slackers, produced by and starring client Mickey Gooch, Jr. and directed by David Silverman of The Simpsons fame and starring a number social media influencers such as Jerry Purpdrank and Jon Paul Piques.

The following article originally appeared exclusively in the The Wrap on April 18, 2016:

“David Silverman, a key creative figure on “The Simpsons,” has signed on to direct animated stoner comedy “Superslackers,” which will feature several social media stars and is currently in production on a six-episode season, TheWrap has exclusively learned.

“Superslackers” follows a group of friends who get a bag of pot that has been switched with a drug being used in a government experiment that gives them superpowers. When a Professor Xavier-type shows up to train them, they have no interest in saving the world. They agree to move into a rent-free government compound, but all they want to do is watch TV and play video games. The Professor is convinced he can turn them into the heroes that the world needs — but can he do it before their infectious laziness spreads to the rest of the agents?

The core cast is led by social media stars Jerry Purpdrank, Max Jr., Dan Nampaikid, Jon Paul Piques, Olivia Sui and Arantza Fahnbulleh, who have a combined reach of 35 million fans spread out over various platforms, including Facebook, Vine and Snapchat.”

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